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Candidate Identification

The key to success in today’s business environment is hiring people with the right skill sets, attitudes and behaviors for each particular position.  However, you cannot hire great people if they are not attracted to and subsequently engaged in your interview process.

CRI identifies top-tier management, technical and sales professionals with specific qualifications and industry knowledge throughout North America.  Additionally, CRI can provide third-party research services at competitive rates and with fast turn around times.

Behavioral Event Interview Training

The best predictor of future performance is past performance.  CRI trains client firms to use advanced interviewing techniques that uncover how a candidate will perform in a variety of situations. Our 16-Point System (see below) provides techniques to hire the best employees for your company.  

 The company …

  • Has the ability to sell the candidate

  • Exudes enthusiasm

  • Factors company culture into the hiring process

  • Is committed to the appropriate salary and benefits

  • Has prepared for the interview process

  • Uses solid interview methods

  • Remembers to ask, “Would you buy from or work for this candidate?”

  • Can provide a clear job description

  • Optimizes the candidate’s opportunity to share their qualifications

  • Projects an attitude that the company is lucky to interview the candidate and not vice versa 

  • Demonstrates urgency 

  • Puts its best face forward

  • Is keenly aware of the candidate “sell”

  • Is not intimidated by applicants that are “too good”

  • Considers whether the candidate can be developed

  • Can close the deal


The art of trying to find the best position available when you are unemployed is one of the most difficult tasks you will face.  CRI’s “Marketing Yourself” program is a non-traditional approach to finding a job – and it works.  We assist in every step in the search and are available for continuous feedback regarding your efforts.

Organizational Development

Company success is dependent on maintaining an organizational structure that clearly defines the responsibilities of each position and keeps each employee aware of their supervisors.  Eliminating multiple layers of supervisory roles is critical to improving productivity and achieving growth initiatives.

CRI will evaluate your organization to determine if your employees understand their responsibilities and how they relate to company goals. 



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